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Compensation plans are what sets MLM businesses apart. Also, a critical factor to the success or failure of the business, compensation plans play an active role in driving an invincible salesforce to the business.

The myriad combinations of the MLM compensation plans create infinite income-earning opportunities with binary planunilevel plan, and matrix plan leading the race.

Binary plan with its multi-faceted advantages fits any size of business in any type of industry. And that could possibly be the reason why 17 out of 100 top MLM companies have hosted their compensation structure on binary MLM plan.

17 out of the top 100 MLM companies use binary MLM compensation plan.

Let’s take a deep dive into the intricacies of the plan to know it better. But before that let’s concentrate on the basics.

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Yes. If a user had deposited funds in his account and didn't use them to buy any Plan. He can withdraw those funds but there will be a 20% extra fee deducted from his balance.

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