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Ninja Confirms Plans To Try Breaking Out In Hollywood

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins says he’s looking for “anything and everything Hollywood” as he looks for acting and voice acting roles in movies and cartoons.

Streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has his sights set on Hollywood as he looks to expand beyond the medium that made him famous. Fans have been wondering what Ninja’s next move would be since Mixer imploded, leaving him without a streaming partnership for the first time in years.

Ninja found fame and fortune on Twitch, where he became one of the world’s top Fortnite streamers. Last year, he made the surprising announcement that he was moving to Microsoft’s Mixer, which had nowhere near the audience size or cultural relevance of Twitch. Ninja was criticized by some streamers for the move, but ended up making a reported $30 million for the deal. Though Ninja and some other big-name streamers like Ewok coming to Mixer increased the site’s profile, it turned out not to be enough. Mixer’s focus on recruiting streaming celebrities at the expense of its established communities evidently didn’t pan out, as Mixer folded this summer, leaving its streamers looking for new platforms.

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Ninja has continued streaming on YouTube since Mixer’s closure, but has yet to sign a deal like the lucrative ones he had with both of the streaming sites he previously called home. That’s left some viewers curious about what he’s been up to, and it seems like the answer is looking for ways to perform outside of the familiar medium of streaming. According to a profile in The Hollywood Reporter, Ninja is now looking for work in Hollywood. Ninja told that site that he wants to be involved in “literally anything and everything Hollywood,” whether that’s taking roles onscreen or as a voice actor. He’s already appearing in a cameo in a movie called Free Guy, which is due out this December, and filmed a scene for Jumanji: The Next Level last year, which was cut from the final release.

Fans of Ninja’s streams don’t need to worry that he’ll be abandoning Fortnite for Hollywood any time soon, though. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’ll be gaming my entire life,” and that he’ll never do work he doesn’t believe in just for the paycheck. Ninja has no reason not to keep that promise, as the millions he’s already earned from streaming partnerships and other deals like his shoe collaboration with Adidas are enough to keep him quite comfortable.

It’s clear that Ninja knows how to draw an audience, but whether his skill at streaming will carry over into other types of performance is still up in the air. As a proven draw for audiences, it’s likely only a matter of time until one Hollywood production or another gives him a shot.

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Source: THR


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