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Floyd was ‘non-responsive’ for nearly 3 minutes before officer took knee off his neck, complaint says

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At least one police officer responding to a protest outside the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, was struck in the head with an object, according to CNN producer Kevin Conlon, who is on scene with correspondent Nick Valencia.

The protest continues with demonstrators facing off with officers wearing helmets and body coverings.

Protesters have thrown multiple objects, the CNN crew on scene reports.

Police are giving orders to disperse to a large group of protesters outside CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

A large number of police officers in helmets are creating a blockade. They are facing off against protesters holding signs.

In video taken by CNN, officers were seen handing out zip ties to other officers. 


Ben Crump, the attorney representing George Floyd’s family, said his family was “relieved” the officer who placed his knee on his neck was arrested but believed he should be charged with first-degree murder.

“The family does not trust the Minneapolis police department or anyone affiliated with the Minneapolis police department,” Crump said. “We understand they did the same thing to Eric Garner and we’re not going to allow that to happen this time.”


Jim Acosta/CNN
Jim Acosta/CNN

The lockdown has been lifted at the White House and the United States Secret Service has reopened entrances and exits to the White House campus for both staff and media.

CNN’s Jim Acosta reported the protests have moved away from the White House and are now arriving on Capitol Hill.

Protesters peacefully kneeled in Minneapolis. They chanted “hands up don’t shoot” at a line of Minnesota State Police and National Guard members who were manning a checkpoint near the Precinct 3 police station that was set ablaze last night. 


Following protests in Houston over George Floyd’s death, Mayor Sylvester Turner said, “The police and community is not the enemy of each other,” in a tweet from his official Twitter account.

Hundreds of Houstonians marched from Discovery Green to City Hall Friday to protest police brutality and justice for Floyd.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta Police Department tweeted tonight that they plan to hold a news conference on the protests in the city.

“Mayor Bottoms and Chief Shields to address news media at Public Safety Headquarters concerning the demonstrations taking place Downtown,” the tweet said.

The Atlanta Police Department did not provide the time of the briefing. 

CNN’s Nick Valencia described the scene at at the Atlanta protests where a fire could be spotted outside of the CNN Center.

Multiple police vehicles have had their windows broken in front of CNN Center.

Police have been responding to a large crowd of protesters that gathered outside of CNN Friday afternoon and were seen breaking windows of the building and spray painting the CNN sign.

The car fire outside of CNN Center was later extinguished.

Protesters gather at Barclays Center to protest the recent killing of George Floyd in Brooklyn, New York, Friday, on May 29.
Protesters gather at Barclays Center to protest the recent killing of George Floyd in Brooklyn, New York, Friday, on May 29. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Protesters and police clashed in various incidents Friday night outside the Barclays Center.

Some protesters threw water bottles and what appeared to be a bottle of paint at New York Police Department officers. 

Officers tried to hold the barricade line as a handful of glass and plastic water bottles were thrown at them.

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